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Wellness'S ARCHIVE

  • Wednesday Wellness: What diet is best?

    By Christopher | In Inspiration, Motivation, Wellness | on December 5, 2018

    Last week, a friend asked me what diet she should follow. She said “How is a person supposed to know what to eat?“ She had a good point. Honestly, how many diets pop into your mind? Take a paper or your phone and list them out for a minute – go! Here is my list: […]

  • Wednesday Wellness: A Month of Simplicity

    By Christopher | In Inspiration, Motivation, Wellness | on November 28, 2018

    Do you ever wonder how our lives became so complicated?  No doubt the advancement of technology has generated many positive things; however, it has also promoted a lot of stress and complexity. What if we could simplify our lives?  Would our health and wellness improve?  I think that it would. Webster’s defines simple as “easily […]

  • Wednesday Wellness: Stuffed with Meaning

    By Christopher | In Inspiration, Wellness | on November 21, 2018

    A lot of focus during the holiday season is on the meal, particularly for Thanksgiving. It’s a time to eat and prepare special foods and often, to indulge. This holiday season, in addition to those favorite dishes, encourage your friends and loved ones to find meaningful holiday traditions that will add a different level of […]

  • Is your Approach to Wellness Working?

    By Christopher | In Wellness | on November 14, 2018

    Are you offering a carrot or wielding a stick? Whether your approach to personal or workplace wellness has been the “carrot” incentive or the “stick” of consequences, take a moment to ask: Is it really working? New terminology refers to creating a “culture of health” or “workplace sustainability” rather than traditional incentive-based tools. Building this […]

  • Wellness Wednesday: Holiday (Over)Eating

    By Christopher | In Education, Newsletter, Wellness | on November 7, 2018

    Stuff the Turkey, Not Yourself This Thanksgiving by Jamie Brook, Health Coach and Peak Fit Pro Thanksgiving is a special day to spend with family and friends and give thanks, but what most of us relate Thanksgiving to is the feast. Many of our thanksgiving meals consist of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry […]

  • Wednesday Wellness: Giving Well

    By Christopher | In Wellness | on October 31, 2018

    This month marks the beginning our fall United Way Fundraising Campaign, and The Peak hosts special events that include both staff and members alike. Peak members and staff have raised over $700 by flipping and eating pancakes so far, and have also collected over 200 lbs. of Halloween candy for the Children’s Museum’s events. These […]

  • Wednesday Wellness: What does that even mean?

    By Christopher | In Motivation, Wellness | on October 24, 2018

    Maybe you’ve heard the term “wellness” through work programs, or maybe through visiting your local health club (*ahem*, Peak Health and Wellness Center). But what does wellness encompass? Many think of their physical wellness when the subject comes up, maybe even thinking about fitness or weight management attempts. Physical wellness is only part of what […]

  • Call it a mantra, values statement, or personal slogan: What words do you live by?  During a challenging time of life, maybe the advice of a friend or passage from a favorite text has helped uncover strength or find patience to deal with a situation. After having a baby, I remember my Mom telling me: […]

  • Wednesday Wellness: Activate your posture

    By Christopher | In Education, Wellness | on September 26, 2018

    Glute amnesia, also called “dead butt syndrome”, develops when the gluteal muscles are underutilized and have maybe even stop firing correctly. This week, we’re talking about posture and how to incorporate “better” posture into your day-to-day life. What do the gluteals have to do with posture? EVERYTHING. The gluteals, the muscles covering your backside, are largely […]

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