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Wednesday Wellness: Activate your posture

By Christopher | In Education, Wellness | on September 26, 2018

Glute amnesia, also called “dead butt syndrome”, develops when the gluteal muscles are underutilized and have maybe even stop firing correctly.

This week, we’re talking about posture and how to incorporate “better” posture into your day-to-day life. What do the gluteals have to do with posture? EVERYTHING.

The gluteals, the muscles covering your backside, are largely responsible for getting the body up and around, propelling  us into motion, and driving movement from running, to walking, to simply bending over.

The problem: Because many American workers spend most of their day sitting on those muscles, they can become weak and underutilized. As a result, other muscles take over- namely hip flexors and hamstrings- and people develop a pattern of just… not using their gluteal muscles! This can result in pain in the lower back, hips and even neck pain.

The remedy: Kick your backside into gear, literally! Here are a few things you can start doing TODAY at work or home:

  1. Focus on keeping the hips shifted back, lifting and lowering by pressing through your heels. This will begin to activate those big ‘lifters’ whether you’re stooping or sitting down into a chair.
  2. Don’t just squeeze: Activate. If we just stand upright and try to squeeze our backside, it might push the whole pelvis forward, emphasizing a lordotic, or “hips forward” posture. Instead, soften the knees and shift your weight until you feel the glutes “activate”.
  3. Don’t tuck your butt and sit on your tail. When you’re sitting, keep your hips oriented as if you’re trying to avoid sitting on your tailbone. This position allows the body to be ready to use the gluteals, and creates a more upright posture when seated.

Craving more information, or want work on your posture? Pre-register for an Upcoming workshop at The Peak on November 17! Contact audra@peakclub.com for more details.

  • Universal alignment for pelvis and spine
  • Deep core activation
  • Functional form

Audra Bergman
Worksite Wellness Specialist, CWWPM, 
Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT200
Peak Health & Wellness Center

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