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Wellness Wednesday: Workplace pain and pounds

By Audra Bergman | In Education, Fitness, Inspiration, Motivation | on July 11, 2018

Every week, we’re sharing ideas and stories about wellness-enhancing activities to boost your energy and vitality. This week, Peak Instructor Sandra Corbett share her story about how a standing desk at work helped her lose stubborn pounds and get rid of back and neck pain!

“Since I started working in an office I gained 10lbs I just could not get rid of…

As many of you all know I still teach and I workout 6-7 days a week.
My eating has never changed, I love carbs!!
“Bread Give Me Bread!” ?
Always my weakness ??

But having a sitting job made it really hard to lose the weight, with only getting 1 or sometimes 2 hours a day at the gym to lose those lbs. My body was use to exercising 5-8 hours a day!!!

As I said before I started having a lot of back and neck issues. I have been involved in 3 car accidents, thrown my back involving total bed rest.

With that said, the only thing that I did different in the last 12 months was I finally got a standing desk to help with me neck/back issues.

I don’t weight myself, I hate scales.
The only time I get weighed is during health screenings.

With that said, I found out today I am 5lbs less than I was in the last 4 Years!!!!!! 
In my book, that’s Huge Progress ??
I had my health screening last year and again today.

So 2 things that really contribute to a Healthier Lifestyle for an office person, exercise and a standing desk!!”

Sandra teaches a variety of formats, including Kettle-bell and the new “Queenax Force” at the West Bank Landing. Thanks for sharing Sandra!

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